(403) 529-5339
(403) 528-6700
Board of Trustees
Massini, Rick - Board Chair
Wilson Fraser, Catherine - Vice Chair
Forbes, Deborah
Freeman, Carolyn
Riley, Terry
Davidson, Mark
Treen, Joni - Executive Assistant
Human Resources
Cunningham, Lyle - Deputy Superintendent
Olsen, Rita - Executive Assistant
Amos, Michelle - Human Resources Director
Freeman, Terry - Director of Programs & Instruction
Delanoy, Nadia - Director of Programs and Instruction
Gardiner, Michele - Sub Desk
Student Services
Hensel, Tracy - Associate Superintendent
Duncan, Nina - Executive Assistant
Sehn, Jackie - Director of Student Services
Carrier, Carla - Director of Student Services
Miner, Stacey - Director of Student Services
Stockman, Joanne - Early Learning Coordinator
Petersen, Claire - District Psychologist
Terlson, Debbie - Administrative Assistant
Thorogood, Carla - Behavior Interventionist
Bailey, Tannis - Behaviour Interventionist
Ulmer, Rachelle - Behaviour Interventionist
Worth, Jerri-Lynne - Behaviour Interventionist
Secretary Treasurer
Labossiere, Jerry - Secretary Treasurer
Lesko, Angie - Executive Assistant
Financial Services
Dulle, Leanne - Director of Finance
Scory, Joann - Accounting
Hopper, Stacee - Accounting
Hyde, Judy - Payroll - Teachers, Maintenance and Central Office
Mann, Brenda - Payroll - Support Staff
Information Technology
Salek, Chris - Director of Technology
Pond, Nathan - Assistant Director of Technology
Guerra, Susan - Graphic Designer
Krecsy, Pat - Help Desk
Steiner, Vicki - Help Desk
Koch, Denise - Help Desk
Wolfe, Gord - Docutech Operator
Koch, Robert - Docutech Operator & Deliveries
Occupational Health & Safety Services
Erick, Eugene - Occupational Health and Safety Officer
Facility Services
Christie, Andy - Director of Facilities
Schaffer, Brian - Assistant Director of Facilities
Burzminski, Tracy - Executive Assistant
Olson, Stuart - Manager Custodial Services
Sauer, Brent - Maintenance/Grounds Supervisor
Transportation Services
Olson, Robert - Transportation Coordinator