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A Cultural Extravaganza!

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education of Medicine Hat School District 76 provides this opportunity for students to learn about the history of the peoples of this region. 

History in the Hills is a rich academic opportunity for students to experience! Participants celebrate Aboriginal culture from an historic perspective in a beautiful picuresque setting. The goal of History in the Hills is to take visitors back in time to ancient times in Indian country.

It showcases First Nations cultures (Blackfoot, Nakoda/Assiniboine, and Cree) and Metis culture. Experience the Northwest Mounted Police and discover their role circa 1870. At the archeological dig site archeologists take visitors back over thousands of years with proof of Aboriginal inhabitation and provide evidence of the changes that occurred within that environment.

Visitors learn about environmental awareness and respect, and are educated on the flora and fauna of the area. They also have a chance to sample Native fry bread (bannock), observe preparation of traditional foods and watch hide tanning demonstrations.

Visitors will have an opportunity to take part in a traditional round dance, see how to raise a teepee and play some traditional games.