Sept 24 Update to Scenario 1 & 2

Sept 15 Update to Scenario 1
Posted on 09/24/2020
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All paper handling will be addressed in accordance with procedures and guidance from Alberta Health Services. Critical to handling all shared items, including paper, is proper hand hygiene. As always, individuals should avoid touching their face.

Out of an abundance of caution, where COVID-19 is concerned, paper use is to be minimized as much as is reasonable.  It is worth noting that, prior to the onset of the pandemic, our system was preparing to dramatically reduce the use of paper and move toward leveraging digital for pedagogical, environmental and financial reasons.  The Print Centre, while referenced below, will be closed once our copier fleet has been replaced in all schools and we have more completely embedded the use of cloud computing as a teaching and learning tool.

We are NOT committed to a “paper-free” future.  We understand that there is a time and place for the appropriate use of paper resources chosen to meet the needs of an individual learner or class.


The Print Centre will remain open and available to teachers and all printing and delivery of paper will occur in accordance with the updated procedure from Alberta Health Services. Printing brought into the school from the Print Centre or any other outside source, must be stored for 72 hours prior to use.  When distributed to classrooms or copiers, proper hand hygiene should be conducted immediately prior to, and after, handling the paper.

As long as paper remains within the school the 72 hour expectation no longer applies.  However, strict adherence to the hand hygiene direction above is to be maintained. For clarity, immediately before and after handling paper proper hand hygiene practices should be followed.   All individuals should be very careful not to touch their faces while handling paper.

Learning Commons/Libraries

Access to learning commons and libraries and the use of Learning Commons/Libraries is to follow the stricter of the direction provided by government; all returned or handled books (regardless of hand hygiene) are to be isolated for 72 hours prior to being re-shelved. Staff must follow proper hand hygiene when re-shelving books.



As of Sept 9, 2020, athletic practices and mini-league cohort will be permitted with the following considerations:

  • Cohort limit of 50; one cohort may not interact with another
  • A student may only participate one cohort at a time (unless there is 14 days between changing cohorts)
  • Any student that wishes to play school sports will not be permitted to take part in the same sport off campus. Different sports are permitted.
  • General safety protocols being employed in schools should be observed at all times, such as hand sanitizer, masks, physical distancing, etc.
  • Stricter cleaning guidelines
  • Spectators will be permitted at outdoor events only, with a limit of 200 individuals, if the following guidelines are adhered to:
    • Spectators should be kept out of participant spaces (e.g., fields of play, courts, ice surfaces).
    • With 2 metres of distance maintained between members of different households (with the exception of core/household cohorts), the following capacity restrictions apply:
    • Cheering and yelling is strongly discouraged as it presents a high risk of spreading droplets.
    • It is strongly recommended that spectators wear masks.
    • Stomping, clapping, cow bells, drums are permitted. Cheering, yelling, screaming, whistling, megaphones, air horns, wind instruments, etc will not be permitted.
    • A spectator that does not follow the guidelines above will be removed from the outdoor event.
  • Provincial championships are postponed until AB Gov announces stage 3 re-entry

 September 9 Memo: Cohorts, Competition, and Membership Fees


As of Sept 11, 2020 singing & vocal performance, dance and live instrumental music will be permitted, only when the measures/limitations mentioned in the following documents are adhered to:

  • Guidance for Singing and Vocal Performance
  • Guidance for Dance
  • Guidance for Live Instrumental Music

    Further to the documents above, MHPSD has elected not to allow indoor performances at this time. Schools are encouraged to offer options for outdoor and virtual performances.


    In this scenario, students are expected to cover all of the curricular areas with no significant change to hours of instruction. Optional courses will proceed but may require some adjustments to support physical distancing and other measures to reduce risks.

  1. Music/band will be altered to comply with GOA guidance. Music/Band programs will need to consider how to achieve the learning outcomes while reducing risks.
  2. When possible, physical education should be done outside instead of inside and with activities that support physical distancing. Where there is shared equipment, those pieces of equipment need to be sanitized after the cohort is finished using them.
  3. Career and Technology Studies/Career and Technology Foundations courses shall follow industry guidance provided by Alberta Health Services (cosmetology, foods, shops, etc.). Student prepared food should not be shared outside of the group that prepared it.
  4. Work experience learning opportunities for students may proceed but minimize close contact and students may want to wear a mask where physical distancing is not possible.
  5. Where a learning activity requires the use of shared items like learning stations, manipulatives and science equipment, teachers will work with students to wipe down devices after each individual’s use.


    MHPSD’s Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator will work with teachers of classes such as, but not limited to, foods, fashion, physical education and music, in order to safely continue these programs for students. Most programs will be able to fully function with limited modifications.

    Following provincial direction, Physical Education and Music are classes that require particular attention. Activities will need to be modified to meet the direction/guidance of the chief medical officer of health. 

  1. LIVE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: Playing musical instruments may proceed where students are facing the same direction and 2 metre physical distancing is possible. The length of the instrument should be considered as an extension of the individual and included when determining spacing. Sharing of mouthed instruments is not allowed. Sharing of instruments, equipment, and other items should be avoided. Items that must be shared, must be cleaned and disinfected between users.
  2. SINGING & VOCAL PERFORMANCE: Teachers and all singers must wear masks and maintain 2 metre physical distancing both when singing and when not singing. Singers should be staggered so they are not directly behind one another and should not directly face other performers while singing. Wherever possible, instruction and practice sessions should be conducted remotely.
  3. DANCE: Choreography should limit face to face situations and touching between dancers using formations where dancers are not facing each other and can stay 2 metres apart. If not high intensity, consider having the dancers wear masks. Ensure instructors can be heard without yelling and students have hair tied back/off the face to reduce hands touching the face.
  1. PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Preference for participation in physical education will be for those activities that allow students to use their own equipment and those that do not encourage physical contact (yoga, running, individual skills). Alberta Education is working with Alberta Health Services and education partners, including the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association, to explore future possibilities for athletic activities and events within the context of health measures being in place.

Teachers will be aware of measures that will need to be taken to mitigate potential spread of the virus. 


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