ONLINE REGISTRATION for the 2020-2021 school year
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Current families are defined as those who have one or more children currently enroled in an MHPSD school.
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New families are defined as those who do not have ANY children enroled in MHPSD schools.
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If you require online registration technical support please contact your child's school.


Online registration is open and all schools will now accept new students and student re-enrolment for ELP, Kindergarten, Play & Learn, grades 1-12, and The Hub. Click on one of the two buttons above to get started. 

Current MHPSD Families:
 Before you register online, families must have an active PowerSchool Parent Portal Account. Please click the link below to reset your username or password to activate your PowerSchool Parent Portal account
If you have accessed your PowerSchool Parent Portal account in the last 30 days, no activation is required. 

PowerSchool Parent Portal (link)

What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a web-based software system that we use to share student information with families. Online registration is a new part of the PowerSchool Parent Portal and you will need an active account in order to access and use this system.  


We are now accepting applications for Early childhood programs. We ask that families visit their in area school (see link to attendance map below) to apply for the Early Learning Program (ELP), Kindergarten and/or the Play & Learn Program. 


ELP is offered in the morning or the afternoon for children who are 3 - 5 years old by December 31, 2020 and have assessed developmental delays and qualify for early intervention through Program Unit Funding as outlined by Alberta Education. We reserve five spaces in each class for play partners. Play partners are children that reflect typical development and are three or four years old. The cost for a play partners is $225/month, and a pre authorized debit agreement is required upon confirmation of placement (not at time of application). School based student fees may be required, depending on student age and level of need. Families will be notified by April 2020 via email regarding the status of their application.  Please note this is an educational program therefore it is not eligible for subsidy or a childcare deduction on your income tax. 

We are now accepting applications for Early childhood programs. We ask that families visit their in area school (see link to attendance map below) to apply for the Early Learning Program (ELP), Kindergarten and/or the Play & Learn Program. 

Children must be five years old by December 31, 2020 to register for 2020-2021 Kindergarten programming. Kindergarten is a part time program and will offered in either the morning or afternoon.

It is our intention to run the Play & Learn Program when children are back in school full time.  The Government of Alberta is regularly providing updates as they relaunch the economy and consider how schools will re-open. To date they have provided three scenarios:



Impact on Play & Learn in MHPSD

Scenario 1

For schools to be open as much as possible under normal conditions. Please refer to MHPSD Scenario 1 Plan.

Play & Learn will be offered

Scenario 2

For schools to be generally open but with enhanced health restrictions in place, like physical distancing, and personal protective equipment (PPE), for instance. Please refer to MHPSD Scenario 2 Plan.

Play & Learn will be offered.

Scenario 3

That teacher-directed at-home learning continues. Please refer to MHPSD Scenario 3 Plan.

Play & Learn will not be offered

As we receive more clarification regarding the regulations we will pass that on to you.  (There has been some confusion that “suspended” meant “canceled”.  That is not the case – we just wanted parents to understand that we may have to temporarily suspend the program if the health regulations are such that we can not return to school full time in the fall.)

In the meantime we would ask that families complete the Pre Authorized Debit agreement so all documentation is in place to support start up.  No fees will be withdrawn from your account until Play & Learn begins. Just for your information, fees are withdrawn on the first day of the month. If you have concerns about the fees please contact your school principal for a Fee Waiver Application.

We are looking forward to a great school year in spite of all of the uncertainty around us during this pandemic. Our next update will go out no later than June 22, 2020. 

THE HUB - Medicine Hat At-home Learning Hub (ELP, Kindergarten and grades 1-9 students)

Join the Hub, an online school where ELP, Kindergarten and grades 1 through 9 students can access full-time, quality education delivered by a dedicated teacher. Learn more about The Hub

  • Current MHPSD Students (students that are currently enrolled/registered in an MHPSD school for 2020-2021): 
    All students currently registered at MHPSD schools are registered for in-person learning, unless families choose to register for the At-home Learning Hub
           CURRENT STUDENT HUB REGISTRATION (Please fill out the MHPSD Learning Intent Form by August 24, 2020)
  • New Students to MHPSD (students that are NOT registered at an MHPSD school for the 2020-2021 year): 
    We are taking new registrations for students that wish to attend both in-person and at-home classes through The Hub. New student registration must be received before September 30, 2020. Click and create a NEW ACCOUNT to register today.  

The high schools in Medicine Hat Public School Division will support at-home learners through the direct service of the teacher they would have had if they decided to attend class in-person.  The school division worked with the two high schools to alter bell and bus schedules in order to make time available at the start and end of every school day to support at-home learners.  Additionally, all teachers will prepare their lessons in Google Classroom and will post them as they deliver them to their in-class students.

Our high schools have partnered to set a common plan for the major outcomes in their courses. This will allow teachers from one school to support students in another, if illness takes them from their students for a period of time.  Our high school administrators have agreed that if the numbers warrant they may work to create exclusive online sections of courses. This decision will be made on a case by case basis based on the percentage of families who have selected at-home learning for their children.

At home students are strongly encouraged to enter the Google Classroom for their classes in accordance with the schedule they are given.  Attending “with” their in-class peers will ensure they have the advantage of the direct teaching, the opportunity to ask questions in real time and the benefit of hearing the questions of others. While students may view recorded lessons on their own time (outside the school day), it is strongly recommended that they follow the schedule provided. That being said, if a student has questions about the prior day’s lesson or about work issued they will have access to their teacher during office hours.

Students may choose to attend one or both classes through at-home learning.  However, once a decision is made for at-home learning they will be required to finish the quarter in that manner.  Students may choose to return to in-class learning for one or both of their classes at the beginning of a term.  Our schools are making decisions about how to move resources based on the decisions made here, and so we need this information in order to ensure the resources are where they need to be and when they are needed.

Automotives, Cosmetology, Welding, Foods and Woods/Carpentry, Fashion Studies require hands-on work and specialized equipment in order to earn credits and prerequisites for the next course.  While efforts will be made to try and provide CTS instruction at home, it may be that some credits cannot be earned in the at-home setting.  Families who are considering at-home learning should contact their school to determine what is possible for any of these courses.  It may be necessary to attend for ½ a day to complete these courses or to consider postponing the course to the 2021-2022 school year.

High schools are developing plans related to management and instruction in classes where teachers are absent due to illness.  There may be a number of scenarios in this context ranging from traditional substitute teacher coverage to a temporary shift to online learning depending on the length and severity of the illness.

It is important to note that the expectations of Alberta Education with respect to the rigor teachers are expected to put into their programs is to be much higher than what we were permitted during emergency learning (eLearning) beginning in March. Likewise, it is expected that students will attend in-person or at-home and keep up with their studies. It is expected that they make use of the time assigned to support them and that they earn the prerequisites for courses they intend to take in the following year.  Teachers will work hard to deliver quality learning experiences to all of their students and will be available to support them. It is critical that students, wherever they choose to learn, fully participate in order to be successful.

Students with schedules that require an even greater level of flexibility might be served best at Coulee Collegiate High School.  The campus of our alternative high school program is located at Medicine Hat College. They offer a full range of courses and maintain evening hours to support complicated schedules.

Register for at-home learning in grades 10-12:


We are now accepting new student registration for ELP, kindergarten, Play & Learn, grades 1-12 and The Hub. 

To register a student, families will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Proof of the child’s age and legal name. Documents accepted are: birth certificate, adoption certificate, student authorization visa, Canadian citizenship papers, or permanent landed immigrant/residence documentation;
    • House number and street address if you live in a town or city; your 911 address (e.g. 223245 TWP RD) if you live on a farm or an acreage;
    • Home, cell and business telephone numbers (e-mail if available);
    • Notification of special medical conditions or medications for the child;
    • Name and address of child’s previous school (applies to students moving into the system)
    • A copy of child's most recent report card.


    School bussing during the upcoming school year will be the most challenging place for us to support physical distancing and respiratory hygiene. 

    We encourage families have their children walk or ride their bike to school or to drive their children to and from school whenever possible in order to reduce the number of riders on each bus. We will also be initiating rider registration in mid-August. Once a registration has been activated, this page will be updated. No student will be permitted to ride unless they are registered.  A link to 2020-21 bus registration will be sent out to families in early August. The link will also be made available on this page and your school's website.

    Medicine Hat Public School Division transports over 2,500 students including students with special needs. Families are asked to view our attendance area maps and bus route maps to learn about pick up and drop locations and times. If your child requires special transportation (ex: wheel chair accessibility) please contact Robert Olson, Transportation Coordinator 403.528.6572. 

    The Board may provide transportation service for resident students in the following categories:

    1. Students within the school district boundaries who reside over 2.4km from their designated school.
    2. Grades K-3 students residing beyond 1.2km from their designated school.

    School bus transportation is provided by our partners at Southland Transportation. If your child's bus is late or if you have questions about scheduling or routes please contact Southland Transportation at 403.526.4655.


    Please view the school boundary map to identify the in area neighbourhood school. 




      Alexandra Middle School



      Ecole Connaught School



      Crescent Heights High School



      Crestwood School



      Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre

      ELP, K-9


      Dr. Ken Sauer School

      ELP, K-6


      Elm Street School

      ELP, K-6


      George Davison School

      ELP, K-6


      Herald School

      ELP, K-6
      7-12 Specialized


      Medicine Hat High School



      Medicine Hat Christian School



      River Heights School

      ELP, K-6


      Ross Glen School

      ELP, K-6


      Southview Community School

      ELP, K-6


      Vincent Massey School

      ELP, K-6


      Webster Niblock School

      ELP, K-6


      Medicine Hat Outreach School


      Central Office



      Families are welcome to apply to attend any public school in our division where space is available.

      • Transportation is not available for students that attend a school of choice. Families are required to transport students that live outside of their the boundary area. 
      • Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre is at maximum capacity and will not be accepting any out of area students at this time; please contact the school for more information.


      To register your child in-person, visit your neighbourhood school for assistance with the digital registration process. 

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