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First Nations Metis and Inuit Education



First Nations Metis and Iniut Education - Teacher and Family School Liaison Worker 

Deborah Lloyd

Office: Room 514 CHHS

Legacy Room: 514 CHHS

Phone: (403) 527-6641 ext 8514

email deborah.lloyd@sd76.ab.ca

First Nations Metis and Inuit Education -  Family School Liaison Worker

Kristi Lie

Office: Room 601 MHHS

Phone (403)527-3371 ext 7601

email kristi.lie@sd76.ab.ca


Success for First Nations, Métis and Inuit ( FNMI) students.

First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) students are engaged in learning.

The achievement gap between FNMI and non-FNMI students is eliminated

Services To Students and Families: Our Vision is to see you graduate!

Students receive all services available through programming for FNMI Education and additional services in: information and referrals to applying for Status as Metis or First Nations; applications for scholarships and bursaries; letters of recommendation; Work Experience sponsorship; tutoring; development of cultural competencies; referrals to outside agencies; academic and social support; extra curricular development and support; traditional counselling and referrals to traditional elders.

Indigenous Women's Healing Circle April and May 2017

This cirlce is based on the Medicine Wheel and the Seven Sacred Teachings  Sessions take place from 4-5pm in the Legacy room (514 @ CHHS).  

This is a session for Indigenous Women only with children/grandchildren in SD76. Mothers are asked to arrange for childcare either with us or on ther own as our terms of reference states this is 1 hour for the women!  Half of the hour is video presentations or materials based and the other half is a short talking circle format.  Goals include developing strategies for women to design their healing plan, support in that development, making positive connections and friendships and capacity building by increasing learning opportunities! Please contact Deborah Lloyd to register! 

FNMI Advisory Committee:

The FNMI Advisory Committee consists of students, parents, elders, school staff, administrators and community members interested in the education of FNMI students.  This committee plays a vital role in assisting FNMI staff in setting the direction and determining the future programs of FNMI Education.

Bannock suppers!

Our FNMI Advisory Committee Meet December and May on an ad hoc basis.  contact FNMI staff  for more information. 

Legacy Room Interpretive Program

FNMI Education has a  fully equipped interpretive centre to meet the needs of students and teachers in the district located at CHHS Room 514

  • Classroom teachers can select topics and crafts based on curriculum needs and level of ability and work with FNMI teacher to develop lessons and units.
  • Schools from K-12 can book into the legacy rooms to augment their lessons and units of study.
  • Craft ideas are laid out in the Legacy room handbooks sent out to all schools containing ideas or guidelines for development and booking information.
  • FNMI Education will subsidize bus costs so that all schools can go to the Legacy Room

Specials are provided throughout the year to increase the access to the Legacy room programming:

  • September and October -  grade 4 and 7 Medicine Wheel training, preparations of grade 2 and 7 for Walking With Kokum
  • November and December - grade 4-12 Christmas Dream Catcher Program
  • January - grade 1 Storytelling
  • February and March - grade 2 Inuit Heart
  • March and April - grade 3 7 Sacred Teachings, all grades International Day for the Elimination of Racism
  • April and May - all grades Traditional Medicines, Medicine Bags, Medicine Walks
  • June - all grades History in the HIlls, National Aboriginal Day

Cultural Connections Room

At CHHS Room 514 the Legacy Room serves as a cultural connections room to serve the FNMI students district wide.  Students can connect with the FNMI Teacher. Students will be able to join after school programs and do cultural activites as provided on a regular basis.

Walking with Kokum

September and October until weather becomes uncomfortably cold!

This production provides students with the opportunity to experience a walk with an elder to interpret nature from an Aboriginal Perspective.

Lessons include:

  • Greeting the sun ceremony
  • interpretations of traditional medicine bag items
  • introduction to Aboriginal world view and synopsis of history of government relations with aboriginal peoples
  • storytelling and role playing (2 sets minimum)
  • medicine walk
  • traditional and other fun games

Medicine Wheel Teachings

The Medicine Wheel is taught from many perspectives and a craft is provided using the Francis Whiskeyjack Model

Medicine Wheel teachings are based on the teachings of Cree Elder Francis Whiskeyjack of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation.

FNMIE Medicine Wheel training is offered to parents, students and staff at various times throughout the year. The philosophies of circular thought are depicted by the medicine wheel structure and are utilized in problem solving and counselling methods.

Medicine Wheel training is harmonized with the Circle of Courage model.

Culturally Enhanced Tutoring Program

Culturally Enhanced Tutoring is offered to district Aboriginal students from grades 3-7 - TBA at CHHS! December to May upon request by parents or teachers

Our goal is to achieve cultural competence while increasing academic success!

Students celebrate a seasons greetings special event in December at the FNMI Advisory Committee meeting. Student work will be showcased and they will help parents to make similar crafts!! Great fun for all!!!


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Our goal is to achieve cultural competence while increasing academic success!

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